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    Shetland Sheepdogs or Shelties as they are known originated in the Shetland Islands.Frequently called "Minature Collies", this is not accurate. They were bred to herd sheep and guard gardens. The first Sheltie appeared in the United States around the turn of the century with the first listed as Lord Scott. In 1929, the first Shetland Sheepdog club ws formed in New York. This has mushroomed into a very acive national club,( American Shetland Sheepdog Assosciation), and numerous local clubs.

     The standard as  dictated by the AKC states that the Sheltie is a " small, alert, rough-coated, long haired working dog. He must be sound, agile and strudy. The outline should be so symmetrical that no part appears out of proportion  t the whole. Dogs should appear masculine and females feminine."

    The should ideally be 13"-16" at the shoulder, although there is a much greater difference in size, even among littermates.

    The coat is a double coat with a soft undercoat and harsherprotective outercoat.There are a variety of colors including black,blue merle and sable with a variety of white and/or tan.

    The Sheltie is very loyal to his family, affectionate and responsive to his owner. He may however be reserved of strangers and this may  even turn into fear if the puppy is not socialized at an early age.

    Shelties are very responsive to work in m any areas of dog competition, including obedience, herding and agility trials. They possess a great desire to please.

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