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                                                                           Ch. Signature Secret Weapon

                                                              Ch. Montage Liv' N Legend O' Leolair

                                                                                 Ch. Leoden's Lady Stetson

                                            Tracer's Lone Trail CGC (OFA good)

                                                                    CH. Barwood Cabriole Razor's Edge

                                                              Ch. Tracer's After All CGC (OFA good)

                                                                         Tracer's All Year Long

PUPPIES 5/25/98

                                                                 Ch. Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM

                                                        Racetta TNT (both majors, OFA excellent)

                                                                      Racetta Ebony N Ivory

                                        Tracer's Winter Evening

                                                                       Sunmist Master Of Illusion CD

                                                            Tracer's WInter Lace

                                                                       Racetta Magic Moment


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