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                                                                        A/C Ch. Banchory Reflection ROM

                                                      Ch. Pipers Strolling Minstrel

                                                                        Balmore Piper October Topaz CD

                                  Ch. Banchory Burning Embers

                                                                          Ch. Banchory Backstop

                                                        Banchory After Glow

                                                                            Banchory High Glow

                     A/C Ch. Banchory Turning Point

                                                                              Ch. Wyndcliff  Riccochet

                                                            A/C Ch. Wyndcliff The Successor

                                                                                Wyndcliff Kindred Spirit

                                      Banchory Orange Fizz


                                                              Banchory Tempo Primo

                                                                                  Primo Pink Champagne

A/C Ch. Royal   Oaks Chance Encounter

                                                                               Ch. Banchory High Born ROM

                                                      A/C Ch.Banchory Reflection ROM

                                                                                  Banchory High Glow

                                           Banchory Formal Notice ROM

                                                                 A/C Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM

                                                          Ch. Banchory Arabesque

                                                                    Banchory High Glow

                   A/C Ch. Royal Oaks Sheer Energy

                                                                       Ch. Cherden Sock It To 'Em

                                                            Ch. Banchory Thunder Blue ROM

                                                                         Clan Duncan Banchory Bluette

                                      Banchory Winter Song

                                                                        A/C Ch. Banchory Reflection ROM

                                                             Banchory Karmal N' Licorice

                                                                          Bnachory Night Ingale