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                                                                  A/C Ch. Banchory Deep Purple ROM

                                                   Ch. Harvest Hill's Shoeshine Boy

                                                                   Harvest   Hill's Twilite Tear

                                      Banchory The Midnite Hour

                                                                     Ch. Banchory Thunder Blue ROM

                                                    Banchory Excaliber Elite

                                                                      Banchory Act III

                Banchory Victory Pass

                                                                        A/C Ch.Banchory Reflection ROM

                                                      Banchory Formal Notice ROM

                                                                          Ch. Banchory Arabesque

                                      Banchory Montage Mona Lisa

                                                                           A/C Ch. Banchory Deep Purple

                                                        Can Ch. Banchory A Blue Nun

                                                                              Banchory Night Glow

Cee Bar Lady Candra Blue

                                                                        A/C Ch. Banchory Reflection ROM

                                                         Ch. Banchory Back Stop

                                                                         Banchory Foxy Lady

                                      Banchory Passport Of Pocono

                                                                          Ch. Banchory High Born ROM

                                                          Banchory High Glow

                                                                             Banchory All -A -Glow

                   Ch. Chaparral Forever Blue

                                                                Ch. Sundowner Mr. Bojangles ROM

                                                           A/C Ch. Banchory Deep Purple ROM

                                                                       Horizon White Ice 

                                     Banchory Long Distance Blues

                                                                         Ch. Calcurt Luke ROM

                                                              Macdega's Rainbow's End

                                                                           Ch. Lakehill Portrait In Blue