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                                                                           Ch. Tentagel David Copperfield

                                                     Ch. Sundowner Mr. Bojangles CD ROM

                                                                                Ch. Tentagel The Genie

                                        Satisfaction Guarenteed

                                                                                 Ch. Barwoods Raincheck

                                                                  Merriley's With A Little Luck

                                                                                  Benayr Dearly Precious

                   Ch. Loyal Kellidawn Paid-In-Full

                                                                                   Ch. Naripa Ebony Etude

                                                                   Ch. Naripa Sunlight Etude

                                                                            Lanlee Light N' Lively O' Naripa

                                           Ch. Loyal Bewitching Etude

                                                                                  Ch. Sea Haven The Sorcerer

                                                            Merriley Loyal Incantation

                                                                      Ch. Merriley Star D. Freedom Belle

  Loyal The Blue Side

                                                                                    Ch. Cherden Sock It To 'Em

                                                                 Ch. Banchory Thunder Blue ROM

                                                                              Clan Duncan Banchory Bluette

                                                Loyal Merriley Black Powder


                                                                   Merriley Ruby Begonia


                               Asili Can't Bi Me Love

                                                                                 Ch. Cherden's Sock It To 'Em

                                                                       Ch. Banchory Natural High

                                                                                   Banchory Silver Showers

                                                       Loyal Patience Bi Phyll


                                                                          Chatagolds Silverfrost