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   Hi! For those of you who are new to my page, I'm Betsy.

  I am a ten year old Sheltie. I work at Petsmart with my mom,

 teaching obedience classes. I love to "surf the net," and meet new

  friends. I have made several new e-mail friends. I try to give a

  little helpful hint or clues on how raise your puppies.

   Holidays can be fun and I have always loved Christmas, infact,

 I love to get my picture taken with Santa. This year I am an Angel.

 Mom says it's very appropriate! Anyway, have a great Christmas and 

 remember not to put those boxes of chocolates under the tree. Mom

 says they aren't good for us. Also watch the mistletoe and poinsettia's,

 poisonous to us critters!!